An AC Installer in Los Angeles to Repair or Replace Your Unit

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When you own an HVAC system or AC unit it can be hard to know when the best time to replace it is. Making the right choice, at the right time can save you from making any unnecessary purchases. Just like with any other appliance in your home, they all have a lifespan and if you care from them the right way they can last as long as that lifespan before needing to be replaced. Here are some factors in deciding whether or not your AC or HVAC needs to be replaced: 

Condition and lifespan: 

As mentioned above one of the biggest considerations when you are deciding on a new AC is what state it is in currently and how old it is. A good AC unit can last up to 25 years if you treat it well and don’t use it constantly. Neglecting to maintenance it can lead to problems that shorten its life. Ask yourself when the last time your AC filter was changed or when your outdoor components were checked and cleaned. AC installer Los Angeles

Repair costs:  

When it comes to the cost of repairs you should compare it to how much ‘life’ is left on your AC or HVAC. Think of it in terms of an old car. If you own a car that is 30 years old but requires a new transmission are you going to spend thousands of dollars needed to repair and replace that transmission? The answer (unless its a vintage vehicle or VERY sentimental) is likely no. If the repairs would eat into the cost of buying a brand new unit its probably not worth repairing. 

Part availability:
Just like with old cars, older equipment can be a problem for you when you are looking for replacement parts. If you current AC is 20 years old there may be a chance that the replacement parts are hard to come by or would be a few weeks of searching on Ebay or elsewhere before you found something that works. If you are going to be searching all over the web for replacement parts it may be time to replace the entire machine. 

Big repair work:

If you are seeing things like compressor failure and refrigerant leak it may be better to replace the unit depending on how much repairs will cost. Compressors are the most expensive part to replace when it comes to any AC unit. 


If you had your AC installed before 2010 there’s a good chance its cooled with something called R22 Refrigerant or ‘Freon”. This chemical has been phased out by the EPA and will be unavailable in a year. This means that if your unit needs R22, the prices have gone up due to demand and lack of product. If you are facing repairs on a unit that’s pre-2010, you would be better off replacing it before you have to replace the refrigerant. 

If you feel that your unit is having issues that need a professional’s touch or a complete replacement give HVAC Pros Los Angeles a call at (323) 673-3107 for repairs and assessments. 

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