Arizona Gift Ideas: Summer’s Must-Have Items

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Several Arizona gift ideas can help you find that perfect, thoughtful gift for your loved one this summer. The items listed in this list don’t necessarily be for that special person in your life. You may also find some items that you can give for yourself this summer. 

Summer is known for its long days and warm temperatures. In Arizona, however, it’s always sunny. That’s why these gift ideas are perfect for Arizonians or those who want to soak their bodies in the sun. 

Ideal Arizona Gift Ideas for the Summer 

Golfer’s Delight Skin Care Gift Set 

It’s a perfect gift set for your golf-loving friends. But you can have it, too, even if you are not a golf lover. The set includes Arizona Sun’s suntan lotion with SPF 15. 

However, this suntan lotion is only effective if you already have a healthy base tan. 

When you expose yourself to the sun’s radiation to further get a tanned appearance, this suntan lotion is perfect to protect your skin against sunburn while giving you a bronze appearance. 

Skin Care with LipKist Lip Balm 

This set includes little samples. With their smaller size, they are perfect for your purse, sports bag, or golf bag. 

The main products here are lip balm. They are effective in sealing moisture in lips; while they protect the lips from external exposure. 

These lip balms aren’t just for warm temperatures, but they are also ideal in protecting lips from dry air and cold temperatures. 

If you are prone to dry lips, then this gift set will give you the products that you need to keep your lips moisturized. When your lips produce new skin cells, they are protected as long as you apply lip balm every day. 

Romantic Gift Basket 

This one is perfect for that special someone who loves to take care of his/her skin. It includes a moisturizer with SPF that can provide utmost protection against the harmful effects of the sun. 

But that’s not all. This gift basket also comes with a bath and shower gelee. It’s skin-softening, which helps your skin be fully moisturized after you get out of the shower. 

Plus, it’s perfect as a shaving gel for your legs. But you need to soak your legs first. Then, lather this gel evenly over your legs. 

This gel helps you avoid nicking or suffer from razor burn. Simply put, this product can hydrate your skin making it easier to shave your legs. 

After shaving, apply the Arizona Sun moisturizer to maintain moisture and prevent skin irritation after a shave.

The Dewdrops silicone-based personal lubricant is ideal for your time in bed with your spouse. 

Use the Lipkist in this basket to protect your lips against dryness while you’re out in the sun.

Curated Gift Sets 

Arizona Gift Ideas

If these Arizona gift ideas aren’t enough, you may call us to help you create your own gift set. Depending on the person you wish to give the gift basket, you can be sure that our Arizona Sun products will make them smile while protecting their skin. Call us for more information: 1.800.442.4786.

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