Chemical Peels for Removing Acne Scars by Divante

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Chemical peels can help get rid of the scars left by the unsightly acne. Surely, there is no such thing as a clean acne breakup. 

Thus, even if you managed to treat the flare-ups, there are still scars that remain in your skin to remind you of them. 

There are several medically approved methods to remove acne scars. But one of the most common and effective methods is the chemical peel. 

chemical peels

Potential Benefits of Chemical Peels 

After undergoing chemical peels at their Divante Medical Spa, you will experience smoother skin tone. Your dark spots will lighten while you enjoy unclogged pores to stop future breakouts. 

This method of removing scars works by eliminating the top layer of your skin. Doing so will promote new healthy skin to grow. 

Chemical peels are a great option not just in eliminating acne scars but also in maintaining healthy looking skin. 

Compared to physical exfoliators, like a topical scrub, chemical peels offer more effective results. The chemicals used in this treatment will not only kill and eliminate the dead skin cells but they also encourage collagen production. The collagen can fill in scars.

Ideal Candidates for this Treatment

This acne scar treatment is ideal for depressed or severely raised scars. It is ideal to consult with our dermatologists to know whether or not your acne scars can be treated using this solution. 

Remember that not all scars are the same. They develop while the skin heals. As the skin sends cells to create new collagen fibers, it can create scars or atrophic scars. 

Hypertrophic scars are raised tissues on the skin surface that arise after there is too much collagen production. 

It is true that you can find over-the-counter chemical peel solutions. However, they are not at all effective. Furthermore, they may cause further damage to your skin because the ingredients are too harsh. 

The Idea of a Chemical Peel 

You may think that a chemical peel can cause damage to your skin. After all, it uses chemicals. Thus, one of the questions they get to receive from their patients is how safe this treatment is compared to other solutions. 

Chemical peels, per se, are safe. They are also painless. However, you may experience discomfort while the chemicals are being applied. That is, you will feel a bit of stinging like you are suffering from a sunburn. Irritation and crusting may also occur after the treatment. 

Speak to Their Dermatologists 

Before undergoing chemical peels, you should consider speaking to their dermatologists. They can determine whether or not your skin can tolerate this treatment. However, if you have eczema or psoriasis, this treatment is not ideal. 

If you have concerns about this treatment, you should ask about them during a free consultation with their dermatologists at Divante. They can address all your questions and help you determine if this solution is the most effective and ideal method for your acne scars. 

With chemical peels, you can finally get rid of your acne scars. Call them today for a free consultation: (818) 334-4737.

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