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Secret of the islands

The only trusted salt scrubs which have been in use for centuries are finally available for you. Using a secret recipe by the residents of the Bahamas islands, these salts have been known to give amazing results on the skin. Extracts from fruits such as pineapples, apples and herbs were used as the sole ingredients to make these salts. For the hundreds of years that they have been in use, there are no known side effects on to using these salts. This is the complete difference to the modern day skin care products which are made in the laboratory. Long term side effects of some of them are not yet vividly described and the manufacture in many cases will not label indicate any of these. Certainly, that is a looming disaster; a bomb waiting to explode any time. As much as you love your skin, one thing will remain for certain that you cannot volunteer for experimentation by any newcomers in the market.

There are many advantages associated with the use of the salts scrubs from the Bahamas. First, they are known to soothe and exfoliate the skin and make it very soft and tender. Native of the Bahamas had also discovered not only do they keep the skin glimmering with youthfulness, they also help relax the body, mind and soul hence act like a massage. Secrets of the island beauty products also help to keep bad odor away. To give back to the society for the gift, the company has come up with a plan whereby a given percentage of all the sales will be given out for charity. It evident that using these skin care products from the island have far reaching advantages to other people in the society. Each time you purchase any of the salts scrubs, just bear in mind that not only are you putting a smile on your face, but also to another soul somewhere. only rebranded and packed the scrubs in order to have them at the stores near you. The ingredients and recipe remains the same as the residents of the Bahamas did it. To suit different customer needs and financial capabilities, these salts come in different packages which the company terms as a basket of gifts.  The prices are very low hence affordable to every customer since we believe that it is your right to a health skin. It is time you go natural by embracing these centuries old culture of skin protection.

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