Get Your Own Unique Style with Haute Couture Fashion Houses

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Clothes stores have become an increasingly common sight in shopping malls and high streets throughout the country. However, many women find that the clothes that these stores have to offer are not always exactly what they want. They might be the wrong color or the wrong size, or they might be completely unsuitable for what you need. As a growing number of professional women turn away from standardized clothes stores, America has seen the rise of Haute Couture Fashion Houses. They are a traditional sight in European capitals such as Paris and London, and now they’re making their way to Beverly Hills.

Why Is Haute Couture Different?

When you are looking for a unique style, haute couture has a lot to offer you. Haute Couture was founded in a description of clothes made by designers in Paris. They were intended to fit a single paying customer. All of the measurements would be made suit that customer, and there would be no replicas. Unlike modern clothing stores where everything is a uniform size: 8, 10, 12, etc, haute couture creates a perfect style for the physical shape of a single client. Each piece is made specifically for the customer, and is unique.

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Getting A Better Fit and Fabric

The principle behind using haute couture traditions in the modern world is to bring you a better range of clothing. Modern haute couture focuses upon giving you original designs and styles, which cannot be found in standard clothing stores. This means that you are able to find good looking clothes in suitable colors for work, or that you can buy your clothes in a suitable material for your next location, whether that is Canada in the winter or South Africa in the summer.

Bring Your Own Brand

With haute couture, you can get a unique look that won’t be sold to colleagues or business rivals. Most haute couture fashion houses have their own fashion designers, such as Susanna Beverly Hills, where the owner is also an established fashion designer, and whose brand is sought by celebrities and business professionals. She says that around 90 percent of her business is creating special orders for her clients, who might be traveling executives or politicians. She has to find the perfect fabric to please the customer and create a neat and professional look. To start the journey towards your own fashion style, call Susanna Beverly Hills now (310)276-7510.

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