How to Take Piano Lessons at Home and Practice While Traveling?

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Piano lessons in Yorba Linda are no longer limited to having the lessons in a piano studio. With the ongoing pandemic, all piano lessons of Doris Chiang are now held online. This isn’t new, though. Even before the pandemic started, some piano lessons are conducted online. It makes it easier for those who can’t travel to learn the piano at their own pace and time. But how about practicing while traveling? 

Piano Lessons in Yorba Linda by Doris Chiang 

Doris Chiang is a renowned active soloist and chamber pianist. Her piano lessons offer instruction in a creative environment. In that way, her students develop into musicians, and not just a pianist. Her lessons are available for all ages. To improve your piano skills while attending her piano lessons, Doris recommends practicing regularly. Unfortunately, if you’re the type of person who travels frequently, you might wonder how are you going to practice regularly? 

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