Is There a Value of Putting Up Business Signs in Glendale?

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One of the biggest decisions that a businessman makes when starting a business is where to spend money to promote his/her business.

To avoid failing in your business, the most practical strategy that you do is to invest in business signs, in addition to doing an excellent job for your customers. In this way, they will keep coming back. If they have the best experience with your company, they will tell others about you.

Cost-effective promotion

A business signage is a more cost-effective way to build awareness about your business/company than a newspaper ad.


For example, the cost of having a full page ad on any newspaper is around $5,000. With that amount, it can reach up about 125,000 readers. That is the cost per impression is $0.04.

On the other hand, when you make an investment of $30,000 for a business sign, you may think that it’s expensive. But if you try to compare it to a newspaper ad with the same cost per impression, you’ll get 750,000 impressions.

This means that the sign offers the same amount of impression value as the daily impressions of the newspaper ad. But the signage delivers multiple impressions. This is an advantage that a newspaper ad doesn’t do.

For that reason, it’s imperative that you to make the most of your money, you should invest in high-quality business signs.
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What business signs Glendale company should you hire?

It’s ideal that you interview as many sign companies as you can. When you interview them, you should talk about your thoughts about the sign that you wish to have and your budget. Then, ask for their ideas and design suggestions.

From those questions, you can now start evaluating which company can offer you the best service for your business signs needs in Glendale.

What signage to use?

The very first step in deciding on the style of your signage is to understand the local sign ordinance in Glendale. The last thing that you want is to spend your time and money on a perfect signage only to find out later that the signage is not allowed.

With today’s competition, businesses should no longer just hang an ugly sign outside their door. To compete effectively, you must consider the role of your signage – it can be a powerful marketing tool that always creates a good first impression.

If you’re looking for companies that offer business signs Glendale that mean business, contact USA Signs today at 800-625-0603

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