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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Firm

Before you even hire an SEO firm, you should know first what the firm can do for your company. The simplest and shortest answer to this is that the firm helps a business be found by search engines, not just Google.

Primarily, the SEO firm creates content, builds high-quality links and analyzes results. But before you shell out thousands of dollars a month, you must first learn the real details about how the firm works to boost your site’s search engine ranking.

Unfortunately, these days, there are hundreds of SEO companies. Some of them are doing good stuff while others are just there to receive money from you and never do anything to improve your site’s rank.

So, how can you avoid those unreliable SEO firms? Here are some questions you need to ask the company.

How to improve search engine rankings?

The right SEO firm will discuss the methods and strategies on how to drive traffic to your website. It will also give you an estimate of how long it will take you to realize the SEO goals you’ve agreed on.

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Do you abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines?

An SEO firm must adhere to Google and other search engines’ guidelines. Never hire a firm that doesn’t follow those guidelines, specifically the 12 common tricks that will only generate spammy content or add bogus hidden text.

Will it help my website achieve a number one ranking on all search engines?

If the firm says, “yes.” You have to turn and run as fast as you can. Unethical SEO firms make bogus guarantees. It’s a red flag. No reliable SEO firm can guarantee that your site will appear in the top 1 search results.

Do you have an experience in improving local search results?

This is necessary if you have a brick-and-mortar store. With local SEO, it helps attract nearby customers. You would want the firm to be an expert in local SEO techniques by getting your site listed on the local listings of Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

What are your methods of tracking the success of SEO campaigns?

The success of your SEO efforts must be tracked by looking into the traffic being sent to your website and where it’s coming from. The SEO firm must be experienced in the use of Google Analytics and other methods to track improvement of your site’s ranking on search engine.

If the company doesn’t share techniques with you, look for another agency.

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