The Importance of High-Quality Construction Fabric for Manufacturers

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Construction fabric is vital for every industry. It’s being used in making furniture or mattresses. The roofing industry is also using fabric to keep water away from the wood. It also stops leaking into the attic and home. Companies working on infiltration and erosion control are also using fabric for every project. 

What Type of Construction Fabric is Used?

Traditional fabrics are still being used. However, most manufacturers are using non-wovens because of their strength, filtering qualities, and isolation capabilities. Virtually every industry relies on non-wovens to create high-quality products. They opt for this fabric because they know they can trust non-wovens in helping them produce high-quality products for their customers. 

Flexible Fabric

Non-wovens in construction are flexible. They are bonded by certain processes to make textiles. Pacific Supplies makes non-wovens that are suited to the desired end uses. These non-wovens are non-traditional fabrics. The fibers are bound together and made into sheets to be used in construction, furniture building, landscaping, and various industrial projects. Because of how they are made, they have become popular for their durability, and reinforcing qualities. 

Is the Construction of Non-Woven Fabric of Pacific Worth Dependable? 

It is. If not, the company has already closed a long time ago. Pacific Upholstery Supply has been around for more than 70 years. Since 1946, it has been the fabric supplier of many manufacturers. This supplier has the expertise and tools in making high-quality fabric for various industries. 

Custom Solutions 

Pacific doesn’t just sell non-wovens but it also sells textiles, accessories, and tools. It also offers custom solutions that are ideal for a certain company. With over 7 decades of experience, the company knows and understands the industry. Thus, it has the experience and capacity to meet the needs of its clients. 

What are the Non-Wovens Available? 

They are the non-wovens used in construction. The fabric is made using the best quality materials. It’s being created using high-quality products that go beyond the industry standards. These are the types of non-wovens available at Pacific Upholstery Supply: 

  • Flatbond polyester
  • Spunbond polypropylene
  • Spunbond polyester
  • Needlepunch polypropylene
  • Needlepunch polyester
  • Stitchbond polyester

These fabrics can be custom slit so clients can use them immediately. The fabrics can also be laminated or treated through the company’s additional services. Since they come in various weights, material types, and sizes, many clients would opt for Pacific’s converting services to make it easier for them to work on their projects. 

With the converting services of Pacific Upholstery Supply, companies don’t need to undergo painstaking measures to convert the fabric and materials to make them useful. Depending on the needs of the clients, the non-wovens can be re-rolled, perforated, slit, and many more. 

Instead of waiting to convert the materials themselves or looking for a third-party converter, clients can just use the converting services of Pacific for the construction fabric they have ordered. To know more about the full range of products that Pacific Upholstery Supply offers, please call (323) 321-2222

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