Where to Find High-Quality Non-Woven Fabric at Reasonable Prices?

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Non-woven fabric isn’t the most expensive fabric in the world. However, it’s also not the cheapest material. Although the price of this fabric is vital, it’s not the most important factor. For many businesses, the quality of the fabric is more vital than the price. Unfortunately, there are various suppliers online that carry cheap fabric. And when it comes to the quality, don’t expect it to be in excellent condition. 

Choosing the Non Woven Fabric of Pacific Upholstery Supply 

Various industries use non-wovens. From companies making apparel linings to coffee filters to laundry bags to vacuum cleaning bags to upholstery, they all rely on non-woven. And when they need high-quality fabric for their customers, they choose the non-wovens of Pacific. They know that Pacific is just one of the few suppliers in LA that offers outstanding quality fabric options, adhesives, tools, and other materials. 

The quality isn’t the only reason they choose Pacific’s non-wovens but they also choose this supplier for its reasonable prices. In most cases, when looking for outstanding quality raw materials, businesses will have to pay an expensive price. But that’s not how Pacific works. This supplier understands how vital it is to use outstanding raw materials, tools, and equipment to create great products. But to help Pacific stand out from the competition, it ensures that it sells its fabrics at a more affordable rate without compromising on the quality. 

Designed with Over 7 Decades of Experience 

Pacific Upholstery Supply has been around since 1946. It carries a variety of raw fabrics, including non-wovens. With its years of experience in the industry, Pacific knows that to provide the best quality fabric, it has to look at the needs of its clients and their projects. Pacific designs non-woven fabrics through its seven decades of experience. It only creates reliable, long-lasting materials to ensure the customers of its clients are more than satisfied. In addition to offering the best quality materials, Pacific also utilizes the best methods to create perfect finished products that exceed the industry standards. 

What Non Wovens are Available at Pacific? 

Non-wovens are available in various forms. To make them useful for a project, they need to be converted. For instance, they can be custom slit or treated with hydrophobic solutions. Furthermore, the fabrics at Pacific Upholstery Supply are available in different weights, sizes, and material types. To understand the supplies of Pacific, here are some of the non-wovens it offers: 

  • Needlepunch polypropylene
  • Needlepunch polyester
  • Spunbond polypropylene
  • Spundbond polyester 
  • Flatbond polyester 
  • Laminates 

Where are Non Wovens Used? 

Professionals across all industries use non-wovens. These fabrics are used to fortify their work or complete their project. Non-wovens are also ideal to provide additional strength to the work or cover pieces of furniture. For businesses that require non-woven fabric for their loyal customers, please call Pacific Upholstery Supply to find out if it carries the fabrics they need: (323) 321-2222.

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