Where to Find Indie Clothing Designers in Atwater Village

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Open any magazine, walk into any mall or even look at your email each day and all you will see is a constant barrage from big clothing companies, trying to sell you the same looks and styles. Many of these big box stores or Internet shops all carry the same styles, colors, and designs so that it can be impossible to tell one brand from the next. What is more is that the prices they offer for many of these items are not great and the items are not even of great quality. What are you as a shopper to do? You need to know where you can find indie clothing designers in Atwater Village so you can see what is fun and different out there today for some shopping.

Indie Clothing Designers in Atwater Village

The Clothing That is Different for You

At treehaus, we are the clothing boutique that is different from all those other shops. They take great pride in offering the clothing options and accessories that stand out from the rest. They work with many local designers that are crafting and designing items that are beautiful, fun, and original so that you can get the different looks you want. You can find everything from dresses and tops to skirts, swimwear and more and in a wide range of sizes, making it more likely that you will find something you love.

Unique, Quality Clothing

The items you find here at treehaus from various indie clothing designers in Atwater Village are not only unique but are of a better quality than what you will find at many of the mall stores you see today. Many of the items you see here are made in more limited quantities than what you will find at the big stores, making the designs much more limited and distinctive. You will also find a greater emphasis on quality over quantity with them, so you are more likely to find clothing that is more comfortable, fits better and is made to cater to the discerning customer like yourself.

Shop our Clothing Lines

You can get a better look at what some of the indie clothing designers in Atwater Village are offering today when you see what we have to offer here at treehaus. You can come to their location in Los Angeles to shop in their boutique, or you can online shop on their website at http://www.treehaus.biz/  to order the items you would like. If you ever have any questions about an item or need some advice about what they offer, please give them a call at 323-230-6776 and we will be happy to assist you with your purchase.

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