A Guide to Hybrid Strains You’ll Find at a Los Angeles Dispensary

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Every trusted and reliable Los Angeles dispensary carries a list of top-notch strains. Some of them are the most calming indicas you’ll ever try. If you prefer an energizing sativa, they’ve got that, too. But if you want something that falls in between, you can also count on these fine folks to provide you with the highest-quality hybrid strains you’ll ever get to experience.

The great thing about hybrids is that they will give you the best of both worlds. You can also choose variants that are either sativa-dominant or indica-dominant, depending on the kind of ride you want to take.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Out of the thousands of strains in circulation today, which ones do I go with?” Worry not, dear reader, because we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a shortlist to try out. You’ll no longer have to give yourself a headache and a bad case of option paralysis.

805 Glue

Even if you’re a veteran in the recreational cannabis game, you’re likely unfamiliar with 805 Glue. And if you try to do your research, you won’t find that much information. But the name itself should give you a clue of what it brings to the table. As part of the Glue lineage, you can expect the same heavy-handed slap of a pleasant state of stoned ness.

This strain is 85% indica, which true to its name, will leave you stuck in a stationary position for hours. And with 22% THC, you ought to cancel any plans you may have after having a few tokes from this bad boy.

If you’re a fan of a flowery and earthy aroma and flavor profile, 805 Glue could be your next favorite strain.

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