Where to Get Alkaline Water Delivery in Los Angeles

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Urban Oasis is your one-stop destination for your home water delivery service and vending machine in the Los Angeles area. The Urban Oasis filtration system store has the solution to both the local problem with bad quality tap water and the cost of buying bottled water, alkaline water delivery in Los Angeles. Especially considering the environmental impact of plastic and pollution, it is now more important than ever to get your water from a purified source that is actively working to reduce plastic waste. 

alkaline water delivery in los angeles

Water Delivery

Alkaline water delivery in Los Angeles can be quite simple! You pick the brand of water you want and it will be delivered straight to your home, workplace, or store. It’s simple and easy! You sign up online, choose the products you would like, and then it will be delivered to your home or office. Drinking systems that can be customized to your needs in your home or business are as easy as they should be. 

Selection Options

There are three types of water to choose from: alkaline water, spring water with natural materials, and reverse osmosis purified water. There are also a few options for bottles as well, such as three or five-gallon BPA free plastic bottles and three-gallon glass bottles. You can even select the delivery frequency to every one, two, three, or four weeks. 

You can’t forget about the water dispenser. There is a huge selection of options, from hot and cold coolers, ceramic crocks, stainless steel crocks, and stands that are available for rent or purchase to support your daily hydration.

24 Hour Vending Machines

Did you run out of water at two in the morning? No worries, you can refill your water at the vending machines any hour of the day. Urban Oasis offers vending stations available 24/7 at the same price as the filling stations. The vending machines dispense water in many size options. Whether you need one, three, or five gallons, you can fill up your bottles quickly, at any time of the day. Payment is also incredibly easy at the vending machines, accepting both cash and credit card. 

Even though state regulations require that water vending machines be sanitized only once a month, Urban Oasis aims to have the cleanest machines in Los Angeles. This is why the vending machines are sanitized on a weekly basis. 

Alkaline Water vs. Purified Water 

With so many options and types of water to choose from at Urban Oasis, it can be difficult to make a decision about what water is best for your needs. 

Alkaline water is purified water with healthy, natural minerals. It has electrolytes and a higher pH that supports faster hydration and more balanced health. It is incredibly refreshing and is great for coffee, teas, and food. 

Purified water is filtered using reverse osmosis. There are no dissolved solids or minerals, which is why it is perfect for drinking, cooking, and daily use.

Store Locations

Silverlake / Atwater Village (Retail Store and Vending Machine)

2324 Fletcher Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Monday-Saturday: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Sunday: 10:00am to 5:30pm 

Phone Number: (213) 427-0320

Vending Machine is open 24 hours a day

Gardena (Vending Machine)

15435 S Western Avenue, Gardena, CA 90249

Open 24 hours a day 

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