Auto Dialer with Voice Logic – Why It’s a Must-Have?

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There’s a fierce competition in the business world. Hundreds to thousands of companies around the world are chasing a group of clients or customers and offering them with almost the same products/services. But to survive in the competition, business owners have to be efficient, productive and able to respond quickly to their customers’ needs. One of the ways to meet these goals is to use an auto dialer with Voice Logic.

It’s a new technology that changed how business owners become more efficient and customer-oriented. This technology enables customer support staff to focus on productive work, instead of wasting their time making an unproductive call.

The use of this technology increases the average daily call of customer support representatives. It also improves the number of target customers reached and it reduces waste and slip.

Increase talk-time

One of the best advantages of this technology is the increased talk time an hour of an agent. With auto dialer, calls are made in volume. Then, answered calls will be connected to agents who are available. The result is a massive flow of connected calls throughout the day. The talk time is also increased up to 50 minutes in an hour.

The auto dialer starts to dial numbers even before the call center agents are ready. While it achieves highest agent talk time, it reduces the number of dropped calls

Manual dialing, on the other hand, is inefficient because the agent has to dial the number, listen to some voicemails or busy tones, leave voicemails and make a schedule call-back.

customer service and auto redialer

Keep data as fresh as possible

An auto dialer with Voice Logic can work its way through the fresh data at a faster pace. This will ensure that all leads are fresh. It automates calling back voicemails, unanswered calls, and busy numbers. It also ensures that an increasing percentage of leads are followed up quickly. They are also followed up professionally in a short amount of time, thereby, increasing conversion rate.

Be professional

This technology smoothes out any type of inconsistencies within the customer support team. Instead, it forces a discipline to every team by making an automatic dial.

Generally, an auto dialer will help increase the number of connected calls every day. There’s no time wasted for an agent to make unconnected calls and deal with answering machines. As a business owner, you’ll have control over all callbacks. Best of all, you will know the number of calls made, connected and outcome, like sales

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