Beverly Hills Psychologist Explains the Value of Forgiveness

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You cannot get through your life without feeling any emotional pain. At some point in our lives, we get hurt, not just by our enemies but also by those we love. Beverly Hills Psychologist, Dr. Yvonne Thomas, can help you get through the pain. 

Beverly Hills Psychologist to Help You Forgive 

People close to you can inflict pain, either intentionally or unintentionally. The pain will last for years. And you will feel all the anger and bitterness throughout those years that may affect your life. 

But focusing on your anger can prevent you from enjoying what you have in the present. It can lead to anxiety and depression. It will also lead to a meaningless life. 

Forgiveness is the key here. But you should not consider forgiveness as denying the wrong that has been done to you. Rather, you are choosing to be free from the pain. For instance, if you were hurt because your best friend hooked up with your boyfriend, you could forgive them but not for the pain they caused. Instead, you are forgiving them because you want to be out in the cage by your anger. You deserve an emotional balance

You will always remember how they hurt you. But when you forgive them, it lessens the pain’s grip on you. In that way, you can focus on the positive things of your life. Once you focus on that, you are bringing peace to your life. 

Beverly Hills Psychologist

Period of Grieving 

If you have been seriously hurt, you should allow yourself to grieve before you can start forgiving those people. In that case, you must never force it. Instead, choose to start with small things and expect no outcomes. 

Forgiveness does not condone or justify any harmful actions. It also does not need reconciling with the person who hurt you. 

It is not an act of weakness. Rather, it needs a lot of strength to forgive. The transformation involves a lot of effort. Just the journeys of it can leave resentment and anger. 

But the payoff is great. As you let go of bitterness, it makes you happier, healthier and experiences are more peaceful. It can lead to better emotional well-being. It improves your physical health. It also makes you less anxious and hostile. 

Unfortunately, the journey to forgiveness is tricky. You need guidance. Dr. Yvonne Thomas will guide you on that journey to make it easier for you to forgive. 

Who is Dr. Yvonne Thomas

Dr. Yvonne Thomas is a licensed Beverly Hills psychologist. She specializes in various fields. If you are grieving and want to heal, you should consider scheduling an appointment with her. Just one session with her can help ease any pain that you are feeling right now. 

The road to forgiveness is not that easy. But Dr. Yvonne Thomas can give you ways on how to deal with your grief and pain. The tools used will depend on your pain. Healthy healing is on your way. Book an appointment with Dr. Yvonne Thomas today by calling: (310) 359-9450.

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