Indy Pro Bodybuilding: A Day of Bodybuilding Action

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Do you want an entire day’s worth of bodybuilding entertainment? Have you been looking for great entertainment for the whole family at an affordable rate? That’s what you’ll get with a pay-per-view ticket to the IFBB Indy Pro bodybuilding show. Here, you’ll be able to watch everything: from the earliest pre-judging all the way through the Finals. It’s a full day of entertainment for only $9.99. 

The Prejudging 

The show starts bright and early at 9 AM sharp. With that, you’ll be able to catch the prejudging. If you’ve never seen the prejudging before, it’s fascinating. It’s as entertaining as it is tense. Essentially, it’s an opportunity for the judges to evaluable the competitors without a large audience right there with them. Of course, as you’ll be part of the pay-per-view, you can catch every second. 

What makes this so pulse-pounding is it’s where the judges decide who is going to be placed in what position for the Finals. So, while this won’t be “under the big lights” like the Finals will be, it’s very tense indeed. Best of all, you’ll be able to watch every second of it from the comfort of your home with our pay-per-view ticket. 

Read more about Indy Pro bodybuilding at Dave Bowers Productions.

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