Can A Spa Electrician Actually Fix a Spa?

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In general, a spa electrician can fix a spa, just like a painter can paint a house. However, you have to remember that terms like “Dentist” are protected, whereas a term like “Spa Electrician” is not legally protected. This means that if you call yourself a dentist, you need to provide paperwork, licenses, insurance, and qualifications. However, if you call yourself a Spa expert, professional, electrician, etc., you don’t legally need any sort of qualifications, insurance, or licenses. A good electrician should have all those things, but there is no legal obligation. It is just like how “Dietitian” is a legally protected title, but “Nutritionist” isn’t, so anybody can call themselves a nutritionist. The point is that even if an electrician claims to be an expert in spas, it doesn’t mean it is true, and it doesn’t mean that person will do a good job.

Can Any Electrician Fix a Spa?

Bringing it back to dentists. Just about any practicing dentist can pull a tooth. But, not every surgeon can replace a heart. Just about any electrician can change a plug, but not every electrician can install or fix a spa. What if the electrician you hire is an expert in spin driers? Would you want her fixing up your spa?

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