Which Cancer Charity is Right for You?

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You have probably seen plenty of advertisements and campaigns highlighting the fight against cancer over the years. There are many great organizations out there that have helped to bring greater awareness to different cancers. The donations they have received over the years can easily run into the millions of dollars to help fund their cause to provide greater means for research into cancer. However, just because a cancer organization has name recognition does not necessarily mean it is the best one for you to donate to or the one that does the best work. You want to closely consider which cancer charity is right for you, so you are sure your money is going where you feel it will do the most good.

The Frustration of a Charity

The goal for all of us when we donate to a charity for Cancer is that we believe the money is getting used for a cause we strongly support. We want to believe as much of that money as possible is going towards things like research to find cures or are funds to help people and families fighting cancer get the funding they need at this difficult time. It is always hurtful when we find out a charity is not using the donations as they are intended but instead are going into high salaries for a CEO or executives or is being used to fund luxury trips.

Which Cancer Charity is Right for You

Choose Your Charity Wisely

It is important that you choose your cancer charity wisely and understand what the organization is all about, how they use donations, and what they stand for. You need to look beyond the glitz and glamour of many of the campaigns you see today so you can find out the truth about the organization. Spend some time looking at the charities and see how they are ranked with charity watch organizations, and read reviews written by others so you can get a better sense of how the money is used.

Informing People about Cancer

Fuck Cancer‘s goal as a cancer charity is to bring as much awareness and information as possible to the public about different forms of cancer. The information allows people to understand how important early detection and prevention efforts can be today. They hope to change the way people talk about and understand cancer to improve the outcomes of those fighting this disease. If you would like to learn more about this organization or donate to them, please contact Fuck Cancer and make use of their Donate page to contribute to their cause.

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