Change the Way You Look With a Tummy Tuck Surgery in Los Angeles

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In the aftermath of weight loss, whether you have struggled to lose weight for years or have recently had a child, you may feel unsatisfied with the way that your stomach now looks. If it has not sprung back completely to a thinner shape, then you may want to consider having surgery. A quick Tummy tuck surgery in Los Angeles can remove any obvious signs of bulging or sagging, and give you back a great looking stomach. Dr. Rojas is keen to help you get the perfect stomach in time for summer.

Tucking In the Stomach

The tummy tuck is a short surgical procedure which is intended to shape and flatten your stomach and waist, removing excess fat and cutting out skin. They can also tighten up your abdominal muscles if you want more support for the remaining stomach. In general, they look for good candidates who are in fair physical condition, but who have fat pockets and skin which is hanging loose, and have struggled to get rid of these problems with exercise and diet. They can quickly resolve these issues with a stomach surgery to get rid of excess skin and fat.

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Tummy Tucks for Mothers

After giving birth, the stomach often does not return to its former shape, and this can be very distressing to some women. A tummy tuck surgery in Los Angeles can be the perfect solution, resolving the stretched skin which has not snapped back and tightening the muscles that have been pulled out of shape through the pregnancy. While you should only consider this treatment if you don’t intend to have any more children, this tummy tuck could be the best way to get your pre-pregnancy body back, and remove unsightly sagging skin around the stomach area.

Change Your Stomach with a Tummy Tuck

A growing number of their clients are choosing to have tummy tuck surgery in Los Angeles after weight loss. They encourage their patients to avoid surgery until they have reached their goal weight, to avoid adding further loose skin after the tummy Tuck has been finished and ruining the effect. After substantial weight loss, you may need the assistance of a specialist in the Tummy tuck in Los Angeles to remove excess skin and tissue. Contact Dr. Rojas today online or by calling 310-870-1224 now, and get the body results that you want after successful weight loss or pregnancy.

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