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Each bit of glass craftsmanship that David Graeber makes starts with a decent story. Whether he’s in the state of mind to pay tribute to a previous educator, recollect a relative, or report the life excursion of a silkworm, each of his works means to transfer an individual reflection or his adoration for nature.

Graeber, conceived in New Jersey, has developed into some piece of a South Jersey glassmaking convention that goes back to the 1700s. Here, glassworkers were in the end perceived for their ability in making glass paperweights. They started to consolidate glass outlines into the customary group estimations of home, church and nation.

Graeber’s Apprenticeships | Vail & Stankard

In the late 1980s, Graeber had the chance to go about as a student for George Vail, a neighborhood craftsman and educator, who acquainted him with  to carpentry, engineering recreation, business craftsmanship, and legal figure. Graeber met globally acclaimed glassblower Paul Stankard in 1980, considered the father of present day glass paperweights, who welcomed him to fill in as an associate. The open door managed Graeber time and space for inventive opportunity. Following quite a while of consolation from Stankard and different tutors, Graeber at long last settled himself as a free glass craftsman in 2009.

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