LA Car Accident Attorney on Steps to Take After Recovering from Your Car Accident Injuries

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After a car accident, there is not much you might do, especially when you are injured. The most important thing is to seek medical attention and wait to recover. A lot of challenges can follow you after recovery. 

You may no longer have a source of income, yet you need money to repair your car, pay your bills and move on with life. The marks on your injuries might remain in your body for the rest of your life, but being compensated can help you start life again and move on. 

Contact a car accident attorney

There are several claims you can make and get compensation to help you settle and start afresh. Contact your car accident attorney in Long Beach and let him advise you on the best steps to take. 

The attorney may help you prepare a case against the person who caused the accident or help follow-up with the insurance company for compensation. You will not require to go through a difficult time again trying to figure out where to start. The lawyer will help you understand all your rights and every possible claim you can make. 

Follow-up with your car insurance company

According to law, you should report an accident to your car insurance company within 48 hours. After you recover, it will be important to follow up and establish if the company will repair your car or compensate you with another. 

If the insurance company proves difficult to handle, let your personal injury law office deal with the insurance company because they understand the law and know what to do. 

Reconcile your medical expenses

You have a right to claim reimbursement of your medical expenses from the medical insurance company or your employer. Calculate all the money you spent during treatment including ambulance fees, therapy, surgery, medicine, consultation, and any other therapeutic expenditure you may incur later. Present the totals to your employer or your medical insurance company and apply to be reimbursed. 

Do your claim from worker’s compensation insurance

If you were employed, your employer is mandated by law to ensure the workers against injuries and the law also may give you the advantage to receive your salary up to a certain number of months. 

The purpose of the money is to help sustain you before you either return to work, find another job or start your life afresh. Your employer might fail to pay you and you will have a right to contact your worker’s compensation lawyer Long Beach and get legal help. 

Legal help after recovering from car accident injuries

Following a car accident, your life can suddenly come to a standstill. You may lose your job or your source of income and have cases in court from people seeking compensation from you. 

Immediately after recovery from injuries, contact us and let us help you deal with any cases against you and help you get compensated. We will help you in your personal injury case until you win. Contact us on telephone number (562) 526-1224.

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