Grief and COVID-19: Why You Should Seek Counseling

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During the pandemic, many of us lost friends and loved ones or lost our means to make a living. In turn, we may still be grieving from the impact. Grieving is not a process you simply go through. It may last for many years if you don’t seek a support system or therapy. To overcome the feelings grief presents, it’s important to talk things out. This means seeking treatment from a grief counselor or receiving support from a family member or friend. To understand how grief affects us, we need to define it. 

Why Grief Is Complicated

One of the most studied subjects in psychology, grief involves a wide range of emotions. While grief is normal, even healthy in some cases, your response may feel confusing and painful. When you’re grieving, you may experience sadness, anger, and bouts of hopelessness or despair.

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