Grief Counseling Los Angeles: Supporting Someone After a Loss

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If your loved one suffered a loss, you must show your support. This loss could be miscarriage, death, illness or divorce. Yvonne Thomas, a grief counseling in Los Angeles is here to help you out. 

One of the issues that you might face when someone you love suffered a loss is the things you would say to that person. The key here is empathetic listening. 

Grief Counseling in Los Angeles on How to Be an Empathetic Listener 

Unfortunately, it is not something that will come naturally. That is, it takes time to learn and practice. 

Talk Less

When you practice becoming an empathic listener, you must listen more while you talk less. This is what happens when you have a therapy session with Dr. Yvonne Thomas. She can give you good advice, but she doesn’t talk a lot in the session. Rather, she allows her client to share their suffering while she listens attentively.

And this is what you must do when you support a loved who is suffering. You must listen and stop the urge to repair the situation. Allow that person to have a space to share. Be in the present and focused on the person’s issues. 

Do Not Talk About Your Experiences 

As humans, we tend to also talk and share our experiences. It can be habitual. For instance, if your friend is undergoing chemo and they want to talk about it, you must not tell them about your aunt’s chemo as well. Rather, listen to what they are saying. By listening, it means that you must not think about how you will respond. It is not necessary. You must listen to understand their situation. 

Listening requires you to just nod and allow the person to continue sharing what they are going through. You may offer sounds of encouragement but do not interrupt them. This person simply wants to voice their feelings and not asking for your advice.

Grief Counseling Los Angeles

Empathize But Not Too Much 

Sometimes, when the person feels pain, you may also feel it, too. But too much empathy is a bad thing. It will be overwhelming for you. The result will be that you will stop helping them. That person may also stop sharing with you. 

That said, you must not get caught up in your own emotions. 

Always remember that grieving is a part of life. Every person in this world goes through it. But every person has a different way to process it. 

As you listen to your loved one about their challenges, you will find cues as to what that person needs from you. It could be that they want you to babysit their child or simply wants to have dinner with you. As you actively listen, you will uncover the true purpose of why that person shares their grievances with you. 

On the other hand, if you are the one grieving, consider scheduling an appointment with a great grief counselor, Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. She offers a form of psychotherapy that can help you cope with your loss. 

If you are looking for a grief counseling in Los Angeles, contact Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. today. Get started with her free phone consultation at (310) 359-9450 or you may request an appointment online.

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