Help Beyond Medication – Seeing a Psychologist in West Hollywood

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People today face significant challenges, and some might say we face more difficulties now than ever before. It is not uncommon to face stress, anxiety, relationship or family problems, or even issues with depression. What is a problem today is how many people deal with or fail to deal with these issues. It has become very easy for individuals to just start taking medications to numb the symptoms of their problems without getting to the root of what may cause the issues they face. Seeing a psychologist in West Hollywood

like Dr. Yvonne Thomas can let you get the help you need beyond what medication has to offer you.

a psychologist in West Hollywood

A Psychologist Can Help with Healing

A psychologist can provide you with the therapy you need to help your mind and body heal properly. Many of the medicines people take that are prescribed by doctors or available as over-the-counter medications may just mask what is going on with you. Medicines are designed to take symptoms away and may not get to the heart of what is causing these symptoms. Going for therapy can reveal the emotions and feelings that are causing your pain, stress, and anxiety so that you can learn to deal with them.

Seeing a Psychologist Makes You Strong

Too many people think that going to a psychologist in West Hollywood is just a sign of weakness and that you are admitting defeat so that it seems shameful to you. The truth is that seeing a therapist is not a weakness at all; it is a sign that you want to improve and get better. It shows that you have the strength to realize that you cannot always do it by yourself. The effective treatment and help you receive will make you stronger as time goes on, giving you the skills you need to cope better with life and conquer fears you may have.

Talking to a Psychologist

The first step towards getting the help you want and need is to contact a psychologist in West Hollywood. Here at the office of Dr. Yvonne Thomas, Dr. Thomas can provide you with the expert therapy, guidance, and advice you need to help you face the challenges in front of you today. Call us at (310) 359-9450 to schedule an appointment or to receive a free phone consultation so you can discuss issues with Dr. Thomas and see how therapy sessions can help improve your life.


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