How an Anxiety Therapist in Los Angeles Could Be the Key

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Anxiety can be a mental disorder that prevents you from living your life effectively. A day is crowded with worries and fears that cannot be dismissed. You may struggle to function properly, or at all, at school, at work, or in society. It may also be affecting your ability to bond with your family or keep up with close friends. Standard practice for anxiety disorders is to medicate. It is also common for doctors to prescribe a course of therapy alongside it. Exploring your feelings with an Anxiety therapist in Los Angeles could be the key to unlocking better mental health.

The Truth about Anxiety Disorders

If you have been struggling with anxiety by yourself for a while. It is easy to think that you are alone or that it is unusual to be struggling with these feelings. However nearly 20 percent, or one in five, of the US population suffers from anxiety into adulthood and around four percent struggle with severe disorders. Major types include obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, panic disorder, phobias, and generalized anxiety disorder. In all of these classifications, anxiety is often persistent, disturbing your sense of well-being and even depriving you of sleep or periods of rest.

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Treating Anxiety Disorders with Therapy

Anxiety disorders are regularly seen by therapists after they have decided to seek help from general practitioners. The doctor may recommend medication is designed to reduce anxiety. This should always be combined with a number of therapy sessions designed to treat the causes of the anxiety. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is often found to be extremely effective in treating anxiety disorders. Psychotherapy may also be another way to treat the problems of anxiety and discover ways of coping with this issue. Group therapy can be used very effectively to treat anxiety and show patients other methods of reacting to triggering events.

Taking the First Step towards Treatment

You may find that you need to have therapy in order to really see the benefit of medication, and overcome specific concerns that you face in your disorder. Working with an experienced anxiety therapist in Los Angeles can give you the tools you need to overcome fears and concerns, and to face those worries head-on. If you want to start improving your mental health today, then you should contact Yvonne Thomas Ph.D. and request a free consultation by calling 310-359-9450 now.

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