The Best Summer Cosmetic Treatments in LA

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When it’s warm outside, you naturally want to lounge on the beach or by the pool to soak up the sun. That is, if you have a body you don’t mind showing off. If you’re self-conscious about your size or other parts of your body, putting on a bikini and laying it out on the sand can be more anxiety-inducing than it is relaxing. Venice Beach Surgical Center can help. Here are the best summer cosmetic treatments in LA. Get ready to hit the beach with confidence.


This treatment is ideal for removing unwanted fat from your body. If you have stubborn fat that hasn’t responded to diet and exercise, liposuction can help tone and sculpt those areas so you’re ready to throw on your swimsuit and enjoy the beach. Liposuction is ideal for your stomach, thighs, buttocks, and arms. If you want to add definition to other parts of your body, we can create that look by moving the fat from one place to another. Many women want bigger glutes and we can achieve this with a fat transfer procedure.

Body Contouring

Another of our best summertime treatments is body contouring. This non-surgical procedure helps get rid of cellulite and reduces fat on your sides, back, arms, legs, and stomach. It’s great for summer because there’s minimal downtime and minor risk of side effects other than a bit of redness and mild pain. If you want to tone and sculpt for a bikini body, contouring is a fast and straightforward way to do so.

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