Is Automated Web Design the Future?

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Automated Web Design

When a company is looking to start a website for their business, they very often turn to a web design firm like Websites Depot for assistance. The services they receive help with the design of the site, the development of all of the pages, the content, SEO, marketing and branding and so on. However, what if all of this gets taken care of automatically with the touch of a button? Is something like that even possible or feasible? With the changes taking place all of the time in the world of technology, you might be surprised to learn that it may not be as far off as you would think with the automated web design.

Strides are Getting Made

Adobe, the company well-known for its graphic design and other design software, has been testing a program that automates many of the web design tools currently used by the typical web developer to create a website. The program makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and uses AI methods so that the program can learn as it goes along. It combines two of Adobe’s programs – its machine learning program Sensei and Adobe Experience Manager CMS – to marry the ideas of graphic design and machine learning together.

What the Program Does

At the heart of the program lies its ability to analyze the information that has been entered so that the machine can make recommendations for the best design for the web pages. Information that would get automated includes things like:

  • Page Layout
  • Page Colors and Background Colors
  • Photos and Photo Sizes

The program can automatically perform tasks like choosing the best photos for the pages, cropping and editing photos to fit nicely and design recommendations that the AI thinks will enhance the page, make it look its best and perform well for the website.

What it All Means

Does this mean the end of human web design as it is known today? That seems very unlikely. The program is still in its testing phase, and Adobe indicates that its primary use would be for large companies and corporations. Add to that that many of the features of the program can be overridden by an experienced developer if the choices do not seem to fit the client well and it still leaves much of the design work in the hands of an actual expert. However, a program like this could make design work easier for developers working on very large projects, allowing for a hybrid design team of man and machine. It is still up to the human decision to personalize content and design to make it fit the specific needs of the client.

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Automated Web Design

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