Soberlink for Discreet Sobriety Management

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There can be all kinds of reasons why you may need to keep track of your sobriety efforts today. For some people, it may be a condition of plea agreement or arrangement with the court system because of a DUI or DWI ticket they received. For others, it may be a requirement for terms of employment after spending time in a treatment facility. Whatever the reasons are, you want to have the ability to manage your sobriety in a discreet manner without broadcasting it to the world. In the past, this may have been a tricky thing for some people to do, but in today’s technology-driven world you can make use of Soberlink for discreet sobriety management.

Avoiding Trips to the Lab

Previous methods for monitoring sobriety involved trips to a specific laboratory location near you so that you could submit to testing. This could involve the use of a breathalyzer, blood tests or urine tests. The methods could be very time-consuming for you and the times and schedules may not have always been convenient for you to get to the lab on time. On top of that, you may have felt less-than-conspicuous when you walk into the lab and see other people there waiting as well for testing. Our new Soberlink system can help you avoid the trips to the lab altogether.

An Easy and Effective Method

Soberlink provides you with an easy, effective and portable way for discreet sobriety management. Our simple, handheld device is easy to use and set up so that you can perform testing when it is needed. The system can be set up to send you reminders of your scheduled test. The device uses facial recognition to validate the user’s identity before each test and then the test can get conducted on the device. Results can be sent safely and securely to your client history on our web portal for storage.

Learn about the Device

soberlinkIf you would like to get more information about Soberlink and how our device can assist you, please go to our website at You will find detailed information about our device and how it works and get information about how you can contact us for more information or purchase a device yourself so that you can begin the discreet and effective monitoring you need to help in your sobriety efforts. Use our convenient method to keep the best track of your efforts.

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