Male and Female Breast Surgery in Los Angeles

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It’s important not to box in certain operations and conditions under one gender. Typically when we think breast reduction we think women. However, male and female breast surgery in Los Angeles is actually common amongst both genders.

Breast augmentation in Los Angeles is a fairly common procedure, but it isn’t the only breast surgery option there is. Many women enjoy the look and feel of having their chest enlarged, but both men and women may choose breast reduction surgery. Women may make the choice due to having small breasts or after breast cancer surgery. Males who are living as women or transitioning may choose the procedure to help their looks match their identification. Reduction surgery is often done for self-image reasons or to ease back and neck pain. Whatever the reason, it’s best to be well informed before having either procedure done. Here’s what doctors at Venice Beach Surgical Center want you to know before you choose breast augmentation or reduction.


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