Mattress Construction: Hard or Soft Mattress

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Mattress construction has become sophisticated to meet the different comfort levels of individuals. Some like it firm, others want it soft. Finding the right mattress is essential for your health as it plays a part in how you sleep every night. 

What Mattress Construction to Choose? 

When shopping for mattresses, understand that they have different layers for comfort and support. The support layers will ensure that you have proper spinal alignment while sleeping. 

They also provide support for the natural curvature of your back. 

The comfort layers are designed to give you a comfortable surface ideal for sleeping. 

Choosing a firm mattress gives you fewer layers of comfort. A soft mattress, however, has different layers of foam for an ideal comfort level. 

You may think that a firm mattress offers more support than a soft mattress. But this assumption is wrong. 

A soft mattress can still provide proper support. 

So, which one should you pick for comfort? It still depends on your sleeping needs. 

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you may prefer a hard mattress. Side sleepers, on the other hand, can pick a soft mattress. 

If you’re a back sleeper, a medium-firm mattress may be an ideal choice. 

However, no matter what type of mattress you choose, whether it’s soft or hard, your body adjusts to it automatically. 

Then again, sleeping on the wrong mattress with no support and comfort can cause your body to adapt too much. As a result, you’ll wake up with pains and aches. 

Moderate Softness and Firmness 

When you sleep, your spine must align properly. Poor alignment will disrupt your body from getting the relaxation that it needs. It also causes less sleep. 

But what’s the proper alignment when you sleep? You must be in a sleeping position that makes your neck, middle back, and lower back to be perfectly aligned. 

To achieve it, you need to ensure that your lungs can take in more oxygen. The sleeping position must encourage proper blood circulation. 

Supporting Your Body 

When you’re in a sleeping position, your bones must have some resistance. And a firmer mattress can provide you with that. Sleeping in a firmer mattress lets your muscles relax. 

Your lower back can’t sink in, thereby, preventing back pain the following day. 

Although a firmer mattress is necessary for resistance and support, a softer mattress will have the proper cushion that you need so you can sleep comfortably throughout the night. 

Whether you want a firm or soft mattress, it still boils down to the materials used in the construction. 

At Pacific Upholstery Supply, they offer different materials to create the perfect mattress for your clients’ needs. 

In construction, mattress non-wovens are used. Pacific Upholstery Supply offers stitch bonds, flange, dust cover, topper, and many others. 

The materials can endure constant pressure and friction. They are strong enough to stop the sharp ends of the spring from puncturing the soft materials in the mattress. 

Are you looking for high-quality mattress construction? Don’t look very far as Pacific Upholstery Supply is here to help you. Call for more information: (323) 321-2222

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