Psychologist Beverly Hills Explains How Stress Affects the Body

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Some people may think that stress is harmless. But it is a silent killer. If you are under a lot of emotional stress, consider talking to our psychologist in Beverly Hills. Remember that stress is the major cause of over 60% of all human diseases. 

How the Renowned Psychologist in Beverly Hills Can Help 

Dr. Yvonne Thomas will help you understand how stress is triggered. In that way, you can prevent it from happening. As you become aware of your level of stress, you can better care for your health. 

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Here are some stress facts that you must know. 

Do Stupid Things 

Stress causes cortical inhibition. It makes smart people do some thumb things. The reason for this is that stress inhibits a part of your brain, resulting in you, not performing at your best. 

It is different when you are in a coherent state, where you are emotionally calm and cognitively sharp. With a coherent state, your system works in harmony. You will be operating at your peak performance, emotionally, mentally and physically. 

Numb to Stress 

Some people may be experiencing stress but they are mentally numb to it because they are used to it. These are the people who are adapted to the daily irritations of life that it becomes normal to them. 

However, when stress accumulates, it may impair your mental and emotional clarity. It also affects your emotional clarity. As a result, you will make bad decisions or overreact at some minor things. 

Respond to Stress 

The good thing is that you do not have to be a slave of your own emotions, attitudes, and thoughts. You can control how you respond to stress. There are ways to empower yourself and rewire your brain’s stress response. And this is where Dr. Yvonne Thomas comes in. 

She can teach the best strategies to handle stress at the moment. Managing stress is ideal. But the best way to do it is to handle it the moment it comes up. Unfortunately, most Americans use the purge approach in terms of handling stress. That is, they simply allow stress to arise and not to do about it. They just wait until they recover later on when they do yoga. 

But putting off your inner balance that your body has activated will make your overall health suffer, later on. 

When you consult with Dr. Yvonne, you will learn how to identify your stress signals. As you can recognize the signs, you can address the cause, rather than ignoring them. You may learn how to talk to yourself to help you calm down. 

Talking to yourself down is effective. The reason for this is that when you are stressed, any voice inside you will get loud. To keep it at bay, talk to yourself in a calm tone and put some positivity in your thoughts. 

Taking deep breaths may also help. As you feel anxious, your breath will be shorter and more irregular. To counter its effects, take three big breaths to induce a relaxation response. 

To know more about how to handle stress at the moment, consult with our renowned psychologist in Beverly Hills. For a free consultation, call us at (310) 359-9450.  


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