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Most couples experience stress requiring emotionally focused therapy intervention (EFT). However, there are various strategies used in EFT to help families bond together and improve their emotional connections. Couples who need this counseling to strengthen their relationship find this approach beneficial as they get to understand their own feelings and those of their loved ones. This post will share with you what you need to know about Grazel’s EFT therapy in Atwater Village.  

The focus of EFT

Emotionally focused therapy has become a popular approach to help couples deal with their family relationships. This is certainly a type of therapy that focuses on one-to-one sessions with couples.

The therapist attempts to help the patients by examining their personal emotions and emotional responses. Consequently, people have a better understanding of their own and their partners’ emotions.

Emotionally focused therapy theory

EFT develops from the understanding of attachment theory. It states that humans become healthier through their emotional contact. And the need to feel safe in their relationships with others.

Emotionally focused therapy uses a concept that stress in intimate relationships arises because people are afraid of being abandoned. As a result, an individual may display emotions that are harmful to your partner. Ending up creating stress for each other.

Techniques used in EFT

In the initial sessions, you go through the first four steps for the therapist to assess the couple’s interaction styles. It’s also in this phase that the therapist will try to de escalate conflict by bringing in debatable topics such as finances and lack of trust.

In the second phase consisting of five, six, and seven steps, the therapist and the couple work as a team to find ways of forming new and stronger bonds. The changes go from step seven to nine as the therapy treatment comes to an end.

The therapy is only complete when couples can truly converse and interact in the same manner they learned from the sessions.

EFT Therapy in Atwater Village

Family therapy

Emotionally focused therapy is a type of family therapy designed to improve bonds and a sense of belonging among family members. In this regard, a therapist will assess the interaction patterns in all members of the family.

Family members learn how to identify and express everything related to emotions of attachment that contribute to conflict, compassion, and acceptance. They are also get coaching about the positive expression of their needs and desires.

Is EFT Therapy in Atwater Village effective

There have been various studies on emotionally focused therapy, and there is strong evidence that the intervention yields positive results. As a result, research has identified specific areas contributing to relationship differences.

These differences are what causes distress, and in some cases, success. Couples who go through EMT have shown improvements in stress and they have gone on to do well even years after the treatment, for instance.

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If you are experiencing stress in your relationship with your partner or other family members, then you can get EFT therapy assistance in Atwater village. Grazel Garcia is one of the best EFT practitioners Los Angeles, who is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Her patients have all gone to lead successful and positive lives with their families. Contact her by calling at (323) 487-9003 today to learn more about EFT Los Angeles.

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