Take the First Steps Towards Recovery at a Detox Center in Santa Clarita

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It can be difficult to start your road to recovery, but you do not have to do it alone. Admitting that you need help and seeking help are important steps in recovery. Plus, recovery does not have to be scary if you are working with a detox center, Healthy Living. Healthy Living Treatment, a detox center in Santa Clarita, offers a safe environment focused on treating addiction and its underlying issues. Healthy Living has staff members that have faced some of the same things their clients have and understand what you are going through.

detox center in Santa Clarita

Healthy Living understands that everyone has unique needs and they work with you to create an integrated treatment program. They have a wide range of programs for detoxification but you also need to be aware of the signs of withdrawal: 

  • Restlessness, irritability, anxiety, agitation.
  • Anorexia (lack of appetite), nausea, vomiting.
  • Tremors (shakiness), elevated heart rate.
  • Insomnia, intense dreaming, nightmares.
  • Poor concentration, impaired memory, and judgment.
  • Increased sensitivity to sound, light, and tactile sensations.
  • Hallucinations (auditory, visual, or tactile).
  • Delusions, usually of paranoid or persecutory varieties.

It is most important to understand that recovery is a process and does not happen overnight. Even though taking your first steps towards recovery may be difficult, know that it is worth it because you are worth it. At times you might feel alone, but know that you are making an investment in yourself, your family, and your future!

If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, (661) 488-8884 please call their Admissions Counselor to talk about your concerns or for immediate help. 

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