Teen Issues: How To Talk To Your Teenager

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At some point in your teen’s middle school or high school years, they stop talking to you at home about their teen issues. It can happen at 11 or at 16 but its a typical thing. You may ask how school was that day and get a quick one-word response like “fine” or “okay”. From there your child may go to their room or outside the house to ‘get away from you’. It can leave you frustrated as a parent when you want to connect with your child but they’re acting as a typical teenager does.

You may be all too used to the years gone by where your child was an endless wealth of information and insight. You probably now reminisce about the days where you became annoyed because your kids simply wouldn’t shut up. Now you just want them to open up and talk more. In elementary school, you may have known all of their teachers by name, met most of them and spent more time with your child. You knew their best friend and had a good sense of who your child was, who they spent time with and which teachers influenced them positively in school. Those days where your teen issues are open to you might be gone for now. Your teenager probably has a few new friends, many new teachers and you might not know a lot about those people and influences.


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