Upholstery Supplies in Los Angeles that Get the Job Done

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Have you been looking for the best upholstery supplies in Los Angeles, yet can’t find much that meets your standards? Does it seem like all of the supplies you’ve found are for hobbyists and not professionals? At the Pacific Upholstery Company, they’ve helped those who build for a living to do everything that their customers expect of them. The Pacific Upholstery Company’s commitment to great supplies has never waivered. That said, they’ve always endeavored to offer their clients the quality of products they expect and deserve. 

Foam Adhesive 

To list all of the different upholstery supplies that they offer would take up an entire book, to say nothing of a blog. Many of the in-house products made by the Pacific Upholstery Supply company are designed to a higher standard. For one, their foam adhesive installs much faster than other products. Moreover, it makes for better soundproofing, too. Essentially odorless, it can make even the most difficult jobs that much easier to complete. 

Spray Adhesive 

A great, invisible bond. That’s what you’ll get with their spray adhesive. The original appearance will essentially always be preserved when you use this adhesive. Multiple coats are simple and easy with this product. Before the Pacific Upholstery Supply company offered this to their customers, they tested it extensively. As with all of their adhesives, both mentioned here can be purchased in twelve-ounce cans as well as bulk systems. Members of the company see it as one more way that we can help our customers. 

Jute Webbing 

Pacific Upholstery Supply company jute webbing can easily be used to provide maximum structural integrity. There are many reasons that jute has been used in furniture suspension systems since time immemorial. They offer it in nine and eleven-pound options so that you can get a jute webbing that fits your needs. Plenty of Pacific Upholstery Supply company customers have used this webbing for years. Indeed, the company aims not just to work with their clients once, but to establish relationships that last for some time. They can be your supplier for jute webbing and just about everything else for furniture construction for a long time to come. 

More than Upholstery Supplies in Los Angeles 

The above are just a few of the many different supplies that you can find at the Pacific Upholstery Supply company site. Chipboard, deckings, deck pad, construction fabrics, and more – they’re all there. That said, they offer far more than just supplies for upholstery. Their extensive collection of non-wovens can help you to make just about anything you would like to make. To see all that they offer, head to their site for the full catalog. Alternatively, you can call the Pacific Upholstery Supply company at (323) 321-2222.

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