Video Therapy: What is It? Is it for me?

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There are many different forms of therapy out there, and understanding what they are can help you to get the better assistance you need. There have been many innovations over the years to accommodate the different needs. Some people want to, or need to try different therapy approaches to make necessary breakthroughs in their treatment. Trying a new form of therapy could be the best option to get you the care that you need. So, you are probably curious about what video therapy is. What does it entail?

Enhance the progress of psychotherapy

Video Therapy is the taping and viewing of a psychotherapy session. It can help to enhance the progress of psychotherapy as well as its effectiveness. Video therapy provides the ability to view present moments that can help a client to better understand their own feelings and what they may be trying to avoid. Video therapy starts by working to target an issue. These can be issues that are currently causing roadblocks on a client’s pathway. When a client chooses to do a videotaped session they and their therapist will establish a comfort level while doing a session. From that point a video camera is placed near enough to record but not distract or disturb the client during the session.

Video Therapy

Understand own behaviors

The session wraps the client and therapist can sit together to review the video. The client has the chance to see how they act during a session, study their own words and reflect on their feelings during that session. The client and therapist can go over certain part of the video and it allows for a cathartic, honest viewing of a client’s session. The primary goal of using video therapy is to allow a client to have a deeper understanding of their own behaviors, actions which can help them grasp a better understanding of themselves. It allows the client to reflect on their own reactions about seeing themselves. They get to feel, hear and see how  they appear when telling their story. This can create an outside perspective that varies from their former thoughts on what they are discussing in the video.

Face-to-face with yourself

Some might find video therapy as a helpful tool in the steps of their therapy sessions. In fact, by its nature it should be viewed only as a tool in the larger scheme of psychotherapy. It shows clients an image of themselves. Images have much more power than the words a client might speak. Video therapy gives clients a way to have an ‘outside-looking-in” moment that takes them away from what they once knew. It introduces them to an outsider’s perspective of them. Video therapy gives a client an opportunity that isn’t present in regular therapy. With a video therapy session, a client can have a face-to-face moment with themselves. Do you think video therapy is your next step in your therapy journey? You can reach out to the staff of So Psyched to discuss your video therapy options.

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